An Eid Biryani which was 40 years in the making

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Excited 8 year old to his dad when he came to pick him up from school: ‘This is our new classmate Ali. Teacher requested us to drop him home today. He is Muslim.’

Dad gently but firmly: ‘We just say Ali. We don’t label people. We don’t differentiate between people.’

Calcutta 1981

The boy woke up at 6.50 am on a Sunday am to join his online Marathi course.

Finally trying to learn the language of the city that’s been his home for 25 years.

Rest for a couple of hours & take part in a Buddhist study discussion on ‘unity in diversity,’ striving for harmony. 

Since he didn’t have time for breakfast, he had the kheema kebabs sent by his neighbour and friend on the occasion of Eid at 1230 for breakfast, shower, and then have the lovely chicken biryani she sent for lunch.

He likes to think that his father’s lesson has stayed with him through the years.

Mumbai, 2022

Thank you Shabnam for the treat and here’s wishing you and yours and all observing the day, #eidmubarak 

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