After sunrise & after sunset at Schwarze’s Cafe. Bandra to Berlin. Day 2

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We found our ‘Candies in Berlin’. Schwatze Cafe. Established 1978 with no Instagram handle possibly. They accept cash but not cards. 

The menu covers breakfast, lunch and brunch basics. Not a hipster place though they will give you a whole avocado should you want one. 

Straight down the road from our hotel @hotelamsteinplatz and recommended to us by the lady at the reception yesterday.

The crowd is a mix of us tourists and elderly Berliners who drop in, hug and chat with the owners and other locals, before placing their orders. The locals don’t look at the barcode menu. They ask for printed ones. I don’t blame them. This reading menu on the phone business is a pain.

The breakfast that I ordered, soft boiled eggs and toast with bacon on the side, sounds simple but was aristocratically plated. Not very Prussian. A hat tip to the arty side of modern Berlin?

As K was with me today, I got her to click me journalling without my cheeks falling into my plate (unlike how I look in selfies).

Our breakfasts yesterday and today were in what I call the ‘Turner Road side’ of Charlottenburg. Last night I went to a departmental store near the station to pick water and one can call it the Bandra station side. The aroma of pee was prominent and the departmental store was like Sahakari Bhandar, but stinking of sweat. A huge change from Paris and Champs Élysées. You walk past the University Arts Department building while heading to the station. The department is apparently reason why there are so many hipster focused cafés here (according to the lady at the hotel counter).

It’s nice at times to walk down streets by oneself and to form one’s impressions and memories while travelling. 

Makes sense to you?

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