A little kitten walked into a cat disliker’s life. You won’t believe what happened next!

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As a working couple, we’d often thought of adopting a puppy (as I love dogs) but did not have the convince to do so.

Then our first cat waltzed into our lives. And a few months later the next jived in.

Thought I will share this post from earlier today for others who have wondered how adopting a pet works out.

Disclaimer: I work from home now as did Ka for bulk of the period since we had them because of the lockdowns. Things are changing now and we are all learning to adapt.

‘Little Nimki is terrified of the rains and his didu is comforting him. Baby Loaf is snug below the bed. Feeling bad for our community cat (and dog) friends out in the rains. Feeling proud of our friends who are ‘feeders’. One left the food out for them in foils so that it stays protected and dry (3rd pic). Don’t let the term feeder confuse you. It’s voluntary and usually self financed. Not everyone can be one but anything that you can do to help is a help. My mom, for example, saw that a kitten in our building in Calcutta got its neck entangled in a string. She alerted the watchman to help. There’s another lady who feeds them. I was tempted to send cat food but didn’t as the lady feeds food from her house and it’s difficult to break the habit once they are on to packaged food.

At least we could give a home to two (cats not feeders). I didn’t like cats, k and mom in law were mortified of pets. Baby Loaf changed us. And others through our social media feed. 

Couple of wrong impressions people have about cats as pets:

1. They are not attached to humans.

2. They are plug and play. Easy maintenance. Low expense.

Compared to dogs, yes, but neither is fully true as we found out. It’s important to remember that they are living beings with their own personalities. Not soft stuffed toys.’

Oh, and this is what happened after we returned from our trip:

‘Last night Nimku squeezed himself between and into us in a way he hasn’t since he was a kitten. Giving K and me and equal amount of love and then K an extra bit more as he was seeing her after 19 days. While looked after lovingly by his granny and our neighbours, the truth is his world starts and ends with us and his relief at having us back was palpable. 

Loaf pretended to be a ‘grown up’ but came in and booped us, wiped clean the wet food I gave him in the morning which we’d got from Berlin (he’s not a wet food lover and had spurned it for 3 days before we reached said his hapless granny), kneaded K’s duvet and then settled in by her along with Nimki after spending the morning being pampered by his granny. It’s good to be back. ❤️❤️ ‘

Ps: Please share your stories if you are a feeder or a pet parent. Would love to hear.

Here’s a few that folks shared with me on social media:

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