A book reading in Paris and followed by sorting out some unfinished business.Paris Encore Day 5

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It was the smell of fresh coffee on my first morning in Paris that drew me to the Inform Cafe down the road from our hotel, the Splendid Etiole. 

The moment I stepped in, I knew I’d found our Candies, that’s our neighbourhood cafe back home, of the trip. Our neighbourhood cafe.

‘We must come here together, I messaged K who going to join me two days later. 

It’s our last morning in Gay Paree and we came to the Inform Cafe for breakfast at noon. A sip of her cappuccino and a bite of her bun pao omelette (the omelette was simple and way better than that at Laduree), which the lady at counter customised for K, and she agreed with my assessment. 

To add to the feeling of being at home, Tao, the 5 month old canine equivalent of our kitten little Nimki, came to meet me. ❤️

A book reading

Remember the garden you went to last time. When you wished you had your books. Tuillerea de Jardine.

Return 6 years later. This time wiser and with your books. 

Read. Read. Read. Breathe. 

Unfinished business

I had some unfinished business from our last time in Paris.

At Angelina where I fell in love with their legendary hot chocolate on the first afternoon of our holiday in 2016. I wanted to have another cup on our last evening that time but it was a Sunday and the queue outside was too long. 

My plan was to have high tea there today after the book reading at Tuileries Jardine this afternoon, but skip the hot chocolate. #eatbetter and all you know.

There was a queue, but it moved fast and we were in soon. After debating between the eggs Benedict and the quiche Lorraine, I went for the latter. Or was it K who got tired of my Hamlet-like soliloquising and ordered for me?

It was the best quiche (Lorraine) I’ve had in my life and I’ve had many including in France and in French Switzerland. Perfect balance of cheese and some rather memorable ham.

Our cheerful waitress told us that the quiche Lorraine is a weekend treat made by mums (including hers) for their children. She also told me how good it was to see the world come alive again.

How can you not have the hot chocolate, said K. I gave in and I am so glad I did. It was as life redefining as it remembered it being. 

We ordered a dark chocolate macaron, a medium one that we could share at our waitress’ suggestion. As K said,

It was way better than what we had at Laduree. ‘Best meal experience of the trip,’ said Ma Cherie and Oui, Oui Oui was my response. If you sin, it better be worth it and be it the quiche Lorraine, the hot chocolate or the half dark chocolate macaron, reasons to sin could not get more apt than these. I almost did a #chetepute with the hot chocolate! Go judge me! 

As always on this trip, I finished all my greens too.

PS: While waiting for a place, I saw a sign at the door which said, ‘you can fill your empty water bottles inside.’ This to me summed up the hospitable spirit of the owners of the place. A spirit which was reflected in both the service and food experience. 

I packed my cheese 

It was still bright when we stepped out at 9.45 for dinner. 

It was 11.15 on and dark by the time we returned. The walk tunnel was shut by then and we had to cross the roads. On the plus side, it meant that we got a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower on our last night in Paris and managed a sort of selfie too.

Tonight I finally used the list @ishikainparis had kindly made for me the night K arrived on places to eat nearby. Our first choice, Le Relais de l’Entrecote had too long a queue. 

So we went to Bistro Marbeouf from the list which was close by. The menu seemed a bit different from the others.

We had a nice duck confit. And under-seasoned pistachio Lyonnaise sausage which came alive only when paired  with the mashed potato it was served with. 

I ordered a cheese platter which turned out to be too much and packed most of it to eat later. 

Quite pooped. Early morning flight tomorrow.

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