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The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Hard to Please

The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Hard to Please

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We’re so excited to bring you our 2021 gift guides. Let us do the shopping for you this holiday season.

Today’s gift guide is for the ones in your life that are hard to please (you know exactly who we’re referring to!) or maybe you picked a co-worker for secret Santa that you just don’t know well. Read on!

  1. Marble Checkers Set ($149): I guarantee your hard to please friend does NOT have a marble checker set.
  2. Mini Projector ($65): If your gift receiver is a movie buff, go for a mini projector for the effect of a home theatre. Now, where’s my popcorn?!
  3. Mini Vases ($171): I have to admit these are on the pricier side, but there’s such an elegance to these vases that’s just the perfect touch to a room.
  4. Nutcracker ($70): The ridiculousness of this one just makes it so good.
  5. Weighted Therapy Pillow ($13): Inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics, the pillow is stuffed with clay beads that can be warmed or cooled to help soothe aches or relieve tension. So cool!
  6. Mini Instant Camera ($75): Whenever I have a special occasion I love bringing a disposable camera. There’s just something I love about capturing memories on a film camera!
  7. Taper Candle Holders ($30): A simple statement piece for a room! I love the clean lines.
  8. Animal Portrait (Price Varies): Get a custom portrait based on your dog’s breed. Choose from line art, to abstract, to form. Such a unique gift!
  9. Tarot Cards ($60): I’ve always wanted to learn how to read tarot cards but for now, I’ll stick to staring at these beauties.
  10. Master Class Subscription (Price Varies): Gift the gift of learning with hundreds of classes taught by the world’s best. There’s a class on everything – from the art of negotiation to song writing to even Serena Williams teaching tennis!
  11. Pour Over Coffee Maker ($20): Sometimes I switch to a pour-over just to enjoy the ritual of making coffee in the morning.
  12. Live Beautiful Book ($45): This coffee table book is as beautiful of Ms. Calderone’s interior design!
  13. Reed Diffuser ($24): I keep a few diffusers scattered around the house and studio. This one makes you feel like you’re in a fancy smancy hotel!
  14. Wood Coasters ($50): Wood logs from Indonesian tropical forests are made into these beautiful and unique coasters.
  15. Nespresso ($170): You can’t go wrong with a nespresso machine – I use mine almost every day!
  16. Jenga ($10): For when you’re feeling nostalgic.
  17. Fuzzy Slippers ($20): Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re walking on a cloud?
  18. Customized Paper (Price Varies): If you’re like me and need a classic pen and paper to write everything down, a customized paper makes you feel a litttle bit fancier (and maybe more productive?!).

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